A Moment with the Boss 💡A short Q&A with our CEO, Kathy David

Say hello to our CEO, President, and Co-Founder, Kathy David! 👋

For thirteen years, Kathy has worked hard to make sure that all facets of the business are up and running. She dedicates herself to training and supporting her team, serving and working alongside her clients, and expanding her knowledge and skillsets through leadership training and personal development. Because of her strong background, Kathy has utilized her strengths so she can apply them to her business.

Now, let's dive into a short Q&A so we can get to know her a little better! 💡

[What is your favorite part about your job?] "My favorite part is when I can help my customers overcome their I.T. challenges. When I can fulfill their needs, solve their problems, or relieve them of any burdens, I feel like I am making a difference. It is important that I can help our clients free up their queue so they can focus on their operations, meet their objectives, and grow." 🌱

[How would you describe your company's culture?] "Our culture is very open, laid back, honest, accepting, nurturing, and understanding. However, we still have set standards that everyone must meet so that we can continue to put forth excellent work and serve our customers. We must uphold our values to create and nurture our space so that we can flourish." 🌷

[How would you define success for a person in your role?] "When I see my team and my clients succeed, then I succeed." 🚀

[What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?] "I am a social butterfly. I love fashion, music, and dancing. I also enjoy sharing my personal experiences and teaching people about personal development." 📚

Kathy's dedication, compassion, wisdom, and outgoing personality shines in our office and makes it a brighter place.

Thank you, Kathy, for all that you do! 👏